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PowerView Motorization in Chatham, Massachusetts (MA) with EverWood Alternative Wood Blinds in Bedrooms

Lori Designs & Company – with convenient locations in Chatham and Wilbraham, Massachusetts (MA) – is here to tell you about PowerView® Motorization for custom window treatments. We are proud to carry the full line of Hunter Douglas window treatments and operating systems.

Hunter Douglas is renowned for creating window treatments with uncompromising quality, brilliant modern designs, and innovative solutions for operation. The PowerView® Motorization operating system adds a whole new dimension to the possibilities for your windows while adding unparalleled convenience. PowerView® Motorization from Hunter Douglas can revolutionize your Chatham, MA home and create a safe environment for all members of the family.

Using PowerView® Motorization

PowerView® Motorization allows you to adjust your window treatments via battery-powered motors and a remote connection. One option for operating your motorized window treatments is with the Pebble® Remote controller. The sleek controller allows you to precisely control up to six window treatment groups. The Pebble® Scene Controller lets you save settings for different moods, atmospheres, or activities, which you can later have applied to your windows with one touch. Both of these devices are available as a remote or as a wall mounted device.

The PowerView® app, available for your smartphone or tablet, is how you realize the full scope of PowerView® Motorization. Using the app, you can control an unlimited number of window treatment groups in your home, right from your preferred device. For additional convenience, you can integrate the app with smart home applications, such as Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant, allowing you to use voice commands to control your motorized window treatments.

New Possibilities and Peace of Mind

The PowerView® Motorization operating system gets rid of limits for your windows. You can apply adjustable window treatments where it would have been impractical before, such as on tall windows or high skylights. The cordless arrangement removes potential hazards for children and pets, allowing you to feel at ease in your home. And with no exposed wires or electronic components, your window treatments offer child-safety while keeping your windows looking clean and beautiful.

At Lori Designs and Co, we take pride in offering quality window treatments and brilliant solutions from Hunter Douglas. We have locations in Chatham and Wilbraham, MA and serve Chatham, Harwich Port, Brewster, Wilbraham, Northampton, Lenox, Provincetown, Truro, Wellfleet, Eastham, MA, and the surrounding Old Cape Cod areas. We hope to see you in one of our showrooms soon.